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Board-Up Services

Board-Up Services in San Jose, Silicon Valley, and the Bay Area with Dansel Restoration

When disaster strikes your property, you can’t always get to the repairs right away. And some repair jobs take days to complete, leaving your home or office worse for wear in the meantime. If disaster leaves your building unprotected, it could suffer more damage from pests, harsh weather conditions, and even looters. With board-up services from Dansel Restoration, however, you can protect your property while restoration work is underway. Getting your home or office boarded and tarped up as soon as possible can help prevent further disasters.

Times You Need Board-Up Services

Not all disasters will leave you with the need for board-up services. But even some small household accidents can create vulnerabilities in your home or office. Some examples of situations that could result in board-up necessities include:

No matter how large or small the job, Dansel Restoration can provide safe and effective board-up services for your property.

24/7 Restoration Services In San Jose, California.

How Board-Up Services Protect Your Property

Disasters can weaken your building’s structural integrity and defensive abilities. Everything from fires to storms can break windows and doors and even leave holes in your walls or roof. Proper board-up services can protect your home or office from further damage while repairs are underway.


Leaving your doors and windows broken or missing can invite wildlife into your home. Whereas you normally only have to deal with bugs and other small pests, disasters can leave you up to taking on more complicated wildlife threats. When animals make a home in your building, they aren’t just a nuisance to evict. They also leave behind urine, feces, and other animal waste that can create an unsafe working or living environment. Boarding up your property as soon as possible keeps pests out.

Looters and Squatters

If wildlife can get into your home or office, so can people. Looters and squatters regularly look for damaged properties where they can sneak inside and wreak havoc. Whether they’re stealing what wasn’t damaged in the disaster or leaving behind their own unhealthy mess, these can be difficult challenges to clean up after. By keeping your property boarded up during repairs, you can protect your property from unwanted visitors.

Harsh Weather

Rain, snow, and wind can all further damage your property if not properly protected. Tarps are effective at keeping the rain away, but if there are heavy winds, you’ll need a stronger board-up service to keep the tarps in place. A strategic board-up process will help protect your home or office from the elements.

Disaster Restoration After Board-Up

At Dansel Restoration, our first step is always to protect your property and ensure further damage is as unlikely as possible. After we’ve properly boarded up your building, we’ll work with you to create a personalized restoration plan to repair the damage done to your home or office. Even if you aren’t ready to take on restoration work right away, our board-up services will ensure that your property is ready for work as soon as you are.

Why Choose Dansel Restoration for Board-Up Services?

Disasters can leave a big mess behind, and sometimes that mess leaves your home or office unprotected from the elements. Professional board-up services can help keep your property protected from further harm. But you don’t want just any company to take on the challenge. At Dansel Restoration, you can trust that our technicians are the right crew for the job.

IICRC Certification

Every technician is IICRC certified, meaning they’ve gone through all the necessary training to ensure they can provide a safe and effective board-up and restoration for your building.

24/7 Response

Disasters don’t always wait until it’s convenient to strike. That’s why Dansel Restoration is available 24/7 to jump into action and start boarding up your property as soon as possible.

Additional Services

You need board-up services as soon as disasters damage your home or office. But you’ll also need restoration work to get your property back to pre-loss condition. At Dansel Restoration, board-up services are just the first step we’ll take to getting your building back up and running.

Need Board-Up Services in San Jose, Silicon Valley, or the Bay Area?

If your home or office has recently suffered damage that leaves it exposed, contact Dansel Restoration today at (408) 564-0152. The longer you wait for board-up services, the more additional damage can spread and create further complications. Our phone lines are open 24/7 to handle any emergency disaster situation. We’ll respond promptly and efficiently to begin quarantining and boarding up your home or office to prevent further damage as we work.