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The Risks of DIY Sewage Cleanup

The Risks of DIY Sewage Cleanup

A sewage backup or any type of sewage damage is not your average water damage situation. Sewage is considered a biohazard, which means that sewage cleanup should always be handled by a trained professional. A lot of people think they can just handle the cleanup on their own. While you might be able to, the question is whether or not you are taking major risks in doing so and whether it’s really cleaned correctly when you finish. 

Ultimately, sewage cleaning should be done by professionals. Let’s take a closer look at the risks of doing it yourself. 

Disease Exposure

One of the biggest risks of cleaning up sewage on your own is the exposure to harmful bacteria and diseases. It does not matter if you feel safe because this is your home or space – it’s still a risk. More than a dozen diseases can be picked up through sewage exposure. This includes things like E. coli, Hepatitis A, Encephalitis, Gastroenteritis, Salmonella, and more. 

In some cases, these diseases could lead to severe illness or even death. It’s simply not worth risking your health or anyone else’s by coming into contact with potential contaminants like these. 

Proper Disinfection and Sanitation

Cleaning up sewage requires more than just cleaning up the mess. There will be water damage with that sewage damage. This means there is the possibility for mold growth as well. But beyond that, if all surfaces and items are not properly cleaned and sanitized, then the harmful bacteria and diseases could still remain behind. There are very specific requirements for proper sanitation after sewage contamination. 

Personal Safety Risks

Another significant risk of sewage cleanup is the exposure to electrical risks. This comes in many forms. The first is the possibility of electrocution if certain safety precautions are not followed. The other is that sewage contains gas within it that could be a fire or explosion hazard as well. 

In addition, breathing in the fumes of sewage or even the particles of sewage in the air could be dangerous for your health. The last thing you want to do is make yourself sick because you didn’t know about or utilize the proper PPE to handle the sewage mess in front of you. 

Use Professional Services for Sewage Cleanup Needs

When you consider the multitude of risks behind sewage backups, you’ll realize the best option is to use a professional team. Choose a team that has experience with sewage cleanup and is properly prepared and equipped for the job. At Dansel Restoration, we will work diligently to get rid of excess water, safely clean up all mess and debris, help restore the space, and ensure the entire room or area is properly sanitized as well. 

Contact us today if you are facing sewage backup or damage. We can help you safely get things cleaned, restored, and sanitized so that you can move on without the risks to your life or anyone else’s.