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Reconstruction Services in San Jose

Reconstruction Services in San Jose: Transforming Damaged Homes

Your home is your safe space. It’s where you go to retreat from the world, rest, and prepare for whatever life throws at you. When something happens to your home, you can rely on reconstruction services to help make all of the necessary repairs, restore your home to its former glory, and make any updates you may want done in the process. Reconstruction is more than just restoration – while it does restore, it also can improve as well. 

What Is Reconstruction?

When you hear terms like reconstruction or restoration, a lot of people think they mean the same thing. They are very similar, and reconstruction does involve restoration. The difference is that reconstruction will go a step beyond traditional restoration; you can make updates or changes if you want during the restoration process. 

When you’re facing things like water damage, flood damage, fire damage, and other types of property damage, you need a team that will rebuild and can make improvements during the process. With reconstruction, you get the best of both worlds. That means you experience restoration and modernization or updates at the same time. 

Who Needs Reconstruction Services? 

Reconstruction can be used for anyone, but it’s most common in the event of a disaster within your home. These are the most common types: 

  • Water damage
  • Flood damage
  • Fire and smoke damage

Every process is different, making the reconstruction process different as well. When you have outdated systems or need to make changes, reconstruction can take care of that for you. 

In terms of water damage, the reconstruction process may include updating pipelines, new flooring installation, electrical updates, new roofing, or even installation of faucets, drains, and fixtures. These are things that may not always be covered by typical restoration. 

Flood damage reconstruction can include pump or drainage installation, updating windows and doors, waterproofing your basement, or even leveling your home and foundation if needed. It looks deeper at the issues causing your flooding damage to provide cleanup, restoration, and improvement of the problem. 

Fire and smoke leave behind extensive damage. When repairs are made, you need so much more than just cleanup and odor removal. During the restoration and reconstruction process, you may need new floors and walls, new fixtures, updated HVAC systems, reinforcement of the structure (load-bearing beams), new doors and windows, and more. 

All of this can be a massive undertaking. That’s where we come in. 

Lean on Dansel Restoration for Reconstruction Services

Whether you’ve experienced a disaster like the ones we mentioned above or you just need to reconstruct and repair an aging space, we can help. Damsel Restoration is IICRC certified and licensed by the state of California to handle reconstruction and restoration projects. 

We can work with you to determine the extent of your damage, come up with an appropriate plan of action, and help you restore your space while also making impressive updates to your home and systems within the home. Contact us today to start discussing your reconstruction project.