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Responding to Water Damage

Why IICRC-Certified Experts Are Crucial

When you experience water damage, you want professionals that you can trust to do the job right. There are tons of handyman services and DIYers out there who will tell you they can take care of anything you need. While those providers are certainly talented and can help with many things, there are certain scenarios where using a certified professional is a better choice. 

When it comes to dealing with any type of water damage, we recommend using a professional company that holds IICRC certification. In this guide, learn more about the certification, why it is important, and what you might expect from the water mitigation process. 

What Is IICRC Certification? 

IICRC stands for Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification. While it is not required for someone to handle different types of cleaning or restoration, it is something they should have. This certification takes companies through extensive training to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to perform these services correctly. 

The IICRC program works through different types of cleaning and restoration and teaches the professionals about working in different environments and scenarios as well. The certification program complies with the global standards for cleaning and restoration. It prepares them for safety, how to properly handle the tasks, and providing service for customers. 

The Importance of IICRC Certification

Certification like IICRC provides value for both the company doing the work and the customer paying for the work. When a customer sees IICRC certification, they can rest assured that the company they are hiring is trained for the kind of work they need done. It can be reassuring to know that you are leaving your home or business in the hands of trained and experienced professionals. 

This certification has been around since 1972, and it’s something that many people look for when they want to have cleaning or restoration work completed. You will find that there are some insurance companies and states that require IICRC certification. It has become the golden standard for restoration and cleaning companies. Consider it the highest mark of professionalism. 

Hiring Qualified Professionals

When you need professional cleaning, restoration, or similar offerings, you need to know you can trust the company to do it right. It’s not about just getting the job done; it’s also about making sure things are correctly done and protecting yourself from future damage. 

We recommend always looking for IICRC certification before hiring any type of cleaning or restoration services. 

Let Dansel Restoration Handle Your Water Damage

Dansel Restoration provides 24/7 emergency water damage support. Our teams are highly trained and we carry IICRC certification as well. We can be there in a hurry when you need support for your water issues. We will work with you every step of the way and ensure your damage is properly cleaned up and handled. Contact us today to get a free inspection and quote for your cleaning or restoration.