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Fire Damage Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration in San Jose, Silicon Valley, and the Bay Area with Dansel Restoration

Fires can be extremely dangerous and frightening. And once the flames are put out, you’re left with a devastating mess. Fire damage can ruin your building, destroy your property, and create hazardous working or living conditions. Dansel Restoration is a trusted fire damage restoration company that can help repair the damage caused by fires. Our thorough inspection process, cleanup, and repair services will get your home or office back to pre-loss condition.

24/7 Restoration Services In San Jose, California.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process in San Jose

Restoring fire damage can be a complex and lengthy project. Fires don’t just leave behind scorch marks. They also leave lingering odor particles, soot, and often water damage as well. At Dansel Restoration, we have the experience needed to quickly and effectively perform high-quality fire damage restoration for your property

Quarantining Fire Damage

When the flames have been put out, the risk of damage isn’t over. Ash and soot are often left behind, and water and chemicals from firefighting also pose a threat. One of the first steps in our fire damage restoration process is to quarantine the affected area to prevent the spread of damage. By blocking off rooms with ash and soot, we reduce the chances of spreading them throughout your property while working. Extracting any standing water or moisture in the air helps prevent water damage from taking hold as well.

Board-Up and Tarp Services

Fires are one of the more damaging types of disasters, especially in terms of your building’s structural integrity. Doors and windows are often broken, and structural supports such as walls can suffer severe integrity loss. If left as-is, these damages provide entry points for wildlife, harsh weather conditions, and even squatters.

As part of our fire damage restoration service, Dansel Restoration also offers board-up and tarp service. Fire restoration can take some time to complete, and we don’t want to leave your property open to the elements. By boarding and tarping up damaged areas, we prevent further damage, such as rain, pests, and theft.

Fire Damage Inspection

With the affected areas quarantined and protected, our technicians will begin by performing a thorough inspection of your entire property. Fire damage has more to it than just the visible scorch marks, and many areas of damage are hard to see from the start. Ash and soot, for example, can hide in grout lines, and smoke odor can linger on upholstery and fabric. By properly inspecting your home or office, we can identify all signs of damage right away. This allows us to perform a quick and accurate fire damage repair job.

Fire Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Once we know what the full scope of the damage is, our fire damage restoration team can get to work on cleaning and restoring your property. We’ll begin by cleaning and sanitizing all the surfaces in your home or office. We’ll also begin sanitizing the air to help reduce smoke odor and leave a healthy and fresh breathing environment. Then, we’ll perform restoration work as needed, such as replacing doors and windows or repairing floors and walls. With the repair work complete, we’ll give your building another thorough cleaning, removing all junk and equipment so that you’re left with a clean and safe home or office.

Why Choose Dansel Restoration for Fire Damage Restoration?

Fires can leave a big mess behind, and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the cleanup process. But with a certified and experienced fire damage restoration company on your side, you can rest easy knowing your property is taken care of. At Dansel Restoration, you can trust that our technicians are the right crew for the job.

IICRC Certification

Every technician is IICRC certified, meaning they’ve gone through all the necessary training to ensure they can provide a safe and effective fire damage restoration service.

24/7 Response

Fire damage doesn’t always wait until it’s convenient to strike. That’s why Dansel Restoration is available 24/7 to jump into action and start the fire damage cleanup process right away.

Additional Services

Fire damage is often associated with other damage as well. At Dansel Restoration, we’re a full-service fire damage restoration company. That means we can provide cleanup and repair work for all other damage, such as water damage or smoke odor damage.

Need Fire Damage Restoration in San Jose, Silicon Valley, and the Bay Area?

If your home or office has recently suffered fire damage, contact Dansel Restoration today at (408) 564-0152. The longer you wait for fire damage restoration, the more that damage can spread and create further complications. Our phone lines are open 24/7 to respond to any emergency fire situation. We’ll respond promptly and efficiently to begin quarantining and boarding up your home or office to prevent further damage as we work.

24/7 Restoration Services In San Jose, California.